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Put astrology on your site

Functions and dialogs:
- New chart dialog
- Birth chart
- Love chart
- Daily horoscope
- Weekly horoscope
- The stars now

- European style
- American style
- Style 3
- Style 4
- Previsions
- Superposed 1
- Superposed 2
- Side by side 1
- Side by side 2
- Transits line graph
- One planet graph

Members area:
- An example, create several charts, you will see that they are stored in a database and attached to the user.

Calculate charts on-line:
- integrated databases for localities, states and countries
- time zones and summer time are computed automatically
- display birth data, aspects, transits, sun returns, etc.

Display AstroMart graphics on your site:
- as in AstroMart, you can click on a planet to get more information
- daisy wheel birth chart
- birth chart with aspects
- table of aspects

Display interpretation texts on your site:
- texts from AstroMart
- you can add your own texts

You can retrieve information about visitors (email, address, birth data, ...)

These modules are displayed in your pages with your graphics and texts, the visitor doesn't know he is using AstroMart. For technical reasons, the graphics are slightly simplified as compared to AstroMart for PC.

I can compose your site for you or write specific modules, scripts and graphics to suite your needs: promote your courses, sell your charts, make yourself known.

Formulas and prices

FrontPage, Mysql, PHP, SSI, others on request

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For help installing the software, see ...

Please send any comments or bug reports to frank@ceze.com

Download AstroMart astrology software for PC

Put astrology software calculations on your site

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Created by Frank Burns
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